Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Backed by extensive experience in providing legal and advisory services, Shin Associates has the right expertise to quickly and efficiently advise clients on even the most complex of legal issues. To help realise the value the firm brings, the firm offers the following areas of expertise, tailored to meet each client’s specific needs and requirements.

Corporate, Commercial & Banking Law

The firm is proficient in the areas of corporate, commercial and banking law and offers a wide range of services that include the provision of legal and advisory works to foreign companies intending to venture into the Malaysian market, to foreign and local companies established in Malaysia. The firm’s lawyers have also acted and assisted on various initial public offerings in Malaysia and Hong Kong, and have advised on the necessary methods to protect the interests of the directors, officers, and advisers of various companies.

The firm’s lawyers combine legal expertise and commercial sensibilities in providing clients with advice in the structuring, implementation and organisation of their business ventures. They are experienced in reviewing agreements, preparing and negotiating documents for an array of transactions, including joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and other corporate exercises undertaken by their client companies and financial institutions. The firm also actively advises businesses on the incorporation process, licence agreements, structuring and securing investments, and financing. Its lawyers are also experienced in corporate banking transactions, having acted for local and foreign financial institutions as well as borrowers and guarantors in different transactions.

Conveyancing & Property Law

The firm’s lawyers have represented clients including local and foreign companies and private individuals, in numerous transactions relating to the acquisition, disposal and/or divestment of various types of immovable properties such as commercial, industrial and residential properties. The firm’s lawyers have also advised on tenancies and leases arrangements of various types of immovable properties (e.g. hotel, factories, retail and commercial complexes, developed land).

Dispute Resolution

The firm has represented clients in various matters of dispute resolution, including corporate and commercial disputes, civil disputes, intellectual property disputes, and banking and insolvency disputes. Our lawyers have experience in attending to court proceedings and have advised clients on strategies throughout the process of resolution for their matters.

Employment & Industrial Relations Law

The firm has advised on a wide gamut of employment and industrial relations-related matters from the preparation and drafting of employment agreements, contracts for services, employment handbooks, incentive schemes and release documentation to advising on termination of employees, domestic inquiries, compliance with Malaysian employment legislation and attending to labour disputes and various other employee claims, as well as dealing with the labour / industrial court (as the case may be).

Environmental Law

Believing that niche areas of law are as important as bread and butter aspects of the law, the firm has been involved in a myriad of environmental matters from advising on constitutional aspects of environmental issues, mining matters, advising and applying for contravention licences from the Malaysian Department of Environment (DOE), advising and reviewing agreements on an on-going basis in relation to transportation and treatment of solid and scheduled wastes, waste generators, notices and summonses issued by the DOE, advising on issues of compliance, environmental impact assessment reports, liability in relation to contaminated land, director’s liability for environmental and health and safety issues, environmental aspects of corporate transactions including due diligence audits as to legal compliance.

Intellectual Property Law

The firm has a strong international focus and through its wide network of foreign legal counterparts, it ensures that its clients are provided with a global strategic approach towards the protection and enforcement of their intellectual property rights. The firm is well-versed in the preparation, prosecution and maintenance of trade marks and copyright matters, and it has the capacity to ensure the clearance, protection and management of its client’s intellectual property. The firm’s lawyers regularly provide legal advice on non-contentious and contentious intellectual property disputes, and have represented various clients in claims based on infringement of intellectual property rights. It has prepared, advised on and negotiated such transactions for clients from various industries including the media, fashion, food & beverage, telecommunications, electronic commerce and pharmaceutical sectors.

Personal Data Protection Compliance

With the coming into force of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”), the firm’s lawyers have been integral in assisting clients to put in place policies and procedures, conducting compliance audits as well as development of training programmes for adherence to the personal data protection principles under the PDPA.

Telecommunications, Media & Technology

In addition to being a actively involved in the start-up industry and advising on telco and technology related matters, the firm is one of the few legal practices in Malaysia and Asia that possesses a full entertainment and media law group, specializing in films; television; games; music and the arts. The firm provides a full range of core services to its entertainment and media clients who include filmmakers, television and film production companies, electronic and gaming studios, theatre groups, performers, songwriters and other creative personnel.

The firm is skilled and experienced in the advice and legal work related thereto which include transactions relating to event management, co-promotional activities, sponsorship and advertising. Specifically, the firm’s lawyers and foreign legal counsel have through years of interaction with and provision of services for clients across the entire chain (creation of works; production of content; distribution and commercial exploitation) of both the media and the performing arts industries, have amassed a substantial clientele base both locally and internationally.

The firm represents its clients in all aspects of the entertainment industry, from production, financing and distribution of films, television programs, other forms of audio-visual entertainment, to all of the associated artistic, literary, musical and dramatic property issues and merchandising. The firm also provides similar services in respect of music recording and music publishing.